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Decided to have some fun and created this as a different way to suggest than the usual. It's just two .png's and two fonts. I'll go back to the regular format if there are any issues.

Link for a larger version included ->

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Suggestions V3
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7 years 83 days ago

i totally agree  on the heavy boltore   when i put it in to chain gun mode  IE: hold left mouse an shift and plant yourself  an spray bullets  i get about  a 20%  accuracy or lower.   i cant even find  that  mode viable in its current state  i much rather  use the 2  ability and  blow  stuff up with area  saturation.

Star map should show  hips   flying between systems .   agree with op it is  stale and lifeless in this state.

Flamer should  stay on not be a burst.

The havoc yah.  If it didn't knock the player down  100% of the  time it would not be  so bad.  But  when they can stun lock you  just being 1  unit there  its  too  over powered  considering you cant even do the  same to them,  no matter what you do they always get back up  even when  in the same  scenario  you would be  kept on the ground.

World  Barrers  IE: the big  imperial looking dreadnoughts  that  have a bazooka  and a  chaingun are  way too overpowered.   one  shot  doing about 1500  damage on level 2  maps.  and the biggest problem is they decimate   cover  like  swiss chease.

7 years 83 days ago

Flamers aren't burst. You can hold down Mouse 1 to continuously fire. 

7 years 83 days ago

While I applaud creative approaches, I think you should have your suggestions as text below the images as well ;)

That way the devs can easily copy the text and add it to whatever tracker they are using.

Also remember that 'suggestions' are suggestions, but one of yours is a bug report. That should really be posted in the mantis bug tracker instead :) Specifically I'm thinking about the sound bug with the tarantula turrets

Not sure what you mean with 'stage damage'?

Totally agree with the heavy bolter, accuracy should be higher.

Havoc marines are ridiculous indeed - I think it can be fixed rather easily by adding an immunity to knockdown, for a period, after being knocked down. This would also prevent the grenade launcher in the hands of the player of being completely overpowered.

In regards to the flamer, it would be nice to know what the range is now (in meters) as by 1948 there were a flamethrower developed that could shoot up to 91 meters - I would recon that tech has been refined a bit since :D I think for game balance purpose, it should never exceed that of a las/bolt gun.

Lastly I so agree on the living star map - It's beautiful in it's current state, but very much lifeless.

7 years 82 days ago

The sole purpose of teh 1st ability of the heaby bolter is shooting targets that are moving toward you and getting close, the closer they get the more damage you do to them. Personally I think it's fine if you use it for the right situations. Although I do kinda feel that the ability #2 over shadows everything else by being "totally awesome"

7 years 82 days ago
Game kNight

The way it is set up now, it repairs the damage done after some time. 

7 years 82 days ago

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