Suggestions V1


1)Better "TwinStick" support. Switching to WASD made it more comfortable, but left clicking to fire caused issues with moving when not wanting to. This one is imperative

2)Spawn-able Turret is extremely dumb. Shoots at thin air (if it's even shooting at all).

3)Expandable Map turns with camera. This should be toggle-able. Also small icons for supply chests on minimap would be nice incase you don't use it right away. 

4)Ammo/Heat counter by  reticle. Something with low opacity would work.

5)Display mission rewards at info screen BEFORE I click to warp over. I'm finding myself going back/forth too much on the galaxy map.

Other than all this, the game runs very smoothly. Can't wait for more updates. I see alot of potential for an ActionRPG here.

More suggestions soon, I'm sure.

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Suggestions V1
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7 years 88 days ago

Thank you for your feedback! Added to our feedback section.

7 years 87 days ago

Second Round

1)MORE TOOL TIPS! Not enough people realized there was a Storage area for gear, know what Fate is for, know how Glory works, and more. More tool tips means players aren't lost.

2)Switch Green rarity with Blue color icons. Not sure if it was by error, but most RPG's have green being uncommon and blue being rare. Caused some confusion out of the gate. 

3) To make sure people have the right tree selected, display the name where you select them. EXAMPLE

4)Players receive negative values as mission rewards based on equipment values(higher weapons/armor means negative rewards). I know this will get fixed in time.