Hello. I have some suggestions and little bug feedback that may be made this game better.

1. Assault junm skill bug. When i use crusider armor skill on enemy horde character jump to nearest enemy, not in place where placed cursor. And that means i damage only1 or 2 mobs or sometimes it can damage nobody. So that skill mostly useless in attack,  it useful only wnen i surrounded. Skill often can't be used when i jump to another level of terrain.

2. Hammer wave skill. When skill used on a hill or on the stairs it can't damage mobs that higher or lower then you. Its look like wave wave spread horizontally.

3. Smith and money. I get access to the smith near 20 level. I try to change some of my gears and i spent all money that i have only for 1 item. So, cost for upgrades or changes is to high for all levels. Cost of selling armor and gears is too low. And i can't find effective way to earn money, because when you farm items for sell you get exp and level up, so items that you want to change become low level and mostly useless. I don't sell shards or psalm codes because they very useful. At level 50 i can create and change only mastercrafted items, because relics change cost about 2 millions credits. Only at 70 level i can farm and change relics to my level in void crusade. 

I suggest reduce the cost of forge services or/and get more options that i can choose on stat changing.

4. Some bugs occurring when auto-generating maps and game mechanics , that break lore and logic of the warhammer universe:

Tyranids generated on a hive spire human world. It strange that race devour worlds was only at one level map without changes in the atmosphere etc

Turrets activated by traps always attack me. Even if area infestated with tyranids or demons. It very strange because demons and tyranids don't hack human systems, they just destroy it.

Demons come from a warp always attack me even if area infested another race. So its strange because demons are enemy to all races in the universe except chaos cultist or chaos spacemarine. Why eldar don't shoot demons?

Tyranids that come from warp gate.

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105 days ago
Thanks for the suggestions.

The cost of modifying won't be lowered, however, we are planning to add a list of possible enchants which can be rolled onto the given items so you won't have to spend a fortune just to figure out which enchants can be rolled and which cannot.

The bugs will also be checked, thanks for reporting them too!