Suggestion to the devs to make testing easier


It would be great if we could have some guidelines on where to focus testing:

1. Known issues: if we know what is currently a flagged as a bug, it would keep us from repeating / sending the information over and over. I know i didnt report stuff because i figured you guys already knew that, but i might be mistaken. Ex.: chest spawning in terrain / inaccessible, or over one another, etc...

2. Changes to come: would be amazing to know what part is considering 'in development', or specific plans for the game (more specific than the roadmap). Ex.: do you have plans to change the cover system? how about crafting, i made some suggestions in another post (almost an overhaul). 

3. Maybe also point the specific parts you want us to test / comment.

Helps us help you make it a better game!

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Suggestion to the devs to make testing easier
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6 years 276 days ago

I also can't get an mantis bug report account somehow, keep getting a error messages, so doesnt help :(

6 years 276 days ago
Few issues are preventing me to post changelogs in advance, and I really dont want to do it as well. Known issues thing is a better idea, and I am trying to reply in every thread possible to spread the word about them. Making a separate topic for it was something that we tried for a while, people weren't reading it and were posting about them anyways.