[Suggestion] Removing equipped items without replacing them


I have started a new character for testing purposes. Before starting a mission i have checked the vendor, and found a very good shield for 1100 credits, but i had only the starting 1000 credit, so i thought i will sell my equipped standard shield for 110 creds and i'll have enough to buy the new one. Then i have realized i'm not able to unequip an item without replacing it with another one, thus i couldnt buy the new shield, and after doing a mission the vendor's inventory got rerolled so it was gone forever. 

My suggestion is simply let unequip items without replacing them; may it be a minor inconvinience, but still it is.

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[Suggestion] Removing equipped items without replacing them
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7 years 149 days ago

Im having a similar issue where it will not allow me to equip a thunder hammer where i currently have a power axe and shield. i think because it cannot unequip 2 items simultaneously, and i cannot unequip both 1 hand items to free up the slots