Suggestion: Add a Morality mission to the Void Crusade as a way to grind points


So I feel there needs to be a way to grind for Morality points that is currently either difficult or non-existant so my suggestion would be to add a single mission that will grant you 50 or so points towards your chosen Morality score. You can add the mission close to the end of one of the paths or make it a bonus hidden mission that requires you to collect clues or something if you like but I feel like this will at least make it achievable to level up your Morality ranking.

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2 years 340 days ago

As everything else (skill trees, attribute points) can be reset or modified in the game, I think it would be good to do the same with morality points. I also messed up my character by going to the Radocal side, while the Puritan side is better for my build, so I'm eager to see an option to correct this mistake without restarting the character.

I think this could be easily solved by simply adding 2 new Tarot cards to the game, which give you Radical or Puritan points (depending on the Tarot activated) when completing a random assigment or Void Crusade mission (or any mission where Tarots can be added). This way, people could experiment with their options at a price of some mission grinding.

2 years 357 days ago
We will consider adding more missions with morality decisions to the game - they most likely won't come as Void Crusade missions though. Thanks for the feedback!