Such a shame couch coop is missing


I don't understand why the devs missed so hard by not having prope couch coop when this is so important to the style of game.  Yes diablo and chaosbane were thinking of you.

I bought inquisitor on xbox for full price on disc (I didn't know about the spring sale and should have waited a day!) Because I read couch coop was now an option and you could play these campaign together.   

This hadbeen an autobuy for us on PC until we heard there was no campaign mode.  Since then the mrs and I had finished with chaos bane in couch coop.

What I didn't know was that saying the xbox version has couch coop was rubbish and the second player has no agency over their equipment or leveling.   What on earth technical barriers were there to this when it works on diablo and the very similar chaos bane?

So I wanted to play with my wife on our sofa and using our projector.  We have no TVs and the monitors are in a study.

What I ended up doing was playing one copy of the game on the projector on xbox x.  Getting a trail of gold, playing on another xbox one s in multiplayer and streaming that to a laptop for inventory management!  What a massive faff.  It's also terrible as we get delays getting a server, rubberbanding and massively delayed load times compared to couch coop on the Xbox One X BUT we get agency over levelling and gear.  And we are both playing on the same Projector Screen... though one of us can fall off and have to navigate back using the mini map!

Again in a real shame the devs didn't go for proper couch coop and I'll be more careful of any neocore game in th he future.

Its a real shame as other than the huge game ruining experience for me and the mrs.... well the game is much more fun than chaosbane!

Maybe they'll get it right in a sequel?

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Such a shame couch coop is missing
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3 years 172 days ago
I'm glad couch co-op is there in some form, I suppose I should have said that because soon the Mrs and I will get so fed up of what we're doing and will just use the other character.

As a consumer I don't get how it can't be done given other games do it all the time; as a developer I know retrofitting or modifying something something you've worked on a long time and assumed certain constraints from the beginning can be too much of a challenge.

I didn't add it to my list but Dungeon Minecraft will be auto buy for my daughter on whatever platform does couch co-op properly (I know it's on the Xbox).

I've no idea if you've done well enough to make a sequel (hope so), but please put proper couch co-op and co-op campaign from the get go in the sequel!

3 years 172 days ago

Hi trollbubba,

I totally understand your bitterness, but this was the only way to build the couch coop into the game. I know It seems an easy task, but it isn't. Unfortunately our multiplayer and progressing system can't handle two different account at the same time on the same machine. Thats why we created 15 different character for the different playstyles which you can play together on the same screen. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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3 years 172 days ago
It is a bummer for sure and going forward the developers should have it in there minds for the next project.I still enjoy the game though.