Subclass-unique perks aren't helping


Is there an official stance as to why some subclasses have 1 unique to them perk?

Aetherwalker Psyker has +10 % dmg per character's buff.

Each of the tech adepts has their own perk.

It'd be of a real help to be able to get all the perks on each subclass, even buying them for Fate would work.

Having to reroll level 80 char because you want to try a build with one of the unique perks - sucks.

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Subclass-unique perks aren't helping
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335 days ago

Each subclass has its own specific starting perk which cannot be obtained with other subclasses - this is one of the major differences between the subclasses and as such we won't likely to make it obtainable for others.

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335 days ago
And the worst is that this is not communicated anywhere, I literally found it out here
335 days ago
335 days ago
yeah indeed, or maybe having ability to switch subclass - like mind reset but something like psyco reconfiguration or whatever