Stutter problems


Hello. I'm having serious fps stuttering issues. Every four or five seconds the game freezes for a half a second, creating a seriously annoying stutter. It doesn't matter if i put all the settings on low or high, it still stutters. I should have a decent enough of a rig to run this game smoothly. I am still enjoying the game, even with this horrible stuttering and I'd hope i could get it fixed. Does anyone have any suggestions on how could i fix my problem?

My pc:


16 gb ram

gtx 1070

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Stutter problems
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3 years 47 days ago

I found a solution after all! It fixed this annoying fps stuttering all together. I did the following. Go to steamapps\common\Warhammer 40,000 Inquisitor - Martyr\installutils   and just install all comonents in this folder! Feels so nice to be lag free :)

3 years 50 days ago
Unfortunately this did not help my problem. The game stutters even in the character selection screen in menus.
3 years 50 days ago

Greetings, does the sync Cpu to Gpu setting in the Options menu help this at all?  I find the AA and High shaders cause a few stutter issues for myself although not enough of an issue to seriously hinder play.

Also you could try going into the Nvidia settings and making sure the Gpu PhysX is set to the gpu and not auto (used to help the issue back in alpha)

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