Stuck on mission after migration.



I am stuck on the Martyr chapter 4, through fire and flames, follow the trace of Flavius Drakan, since migration.

Now Ragna Van winter has a green exclamation mark that doesn't allow me to access the shop.

If I reset the game it plays again the mission log.

I can go to the mission from the M menu but keeps on repeating it (to kill the agents).

Kind regards

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Stuck on mission after migration.
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1 year 183 days ago
Can you tell me that as of today (08.26) the issue still present?
1 year 189 days ago

Thank you for your reply.

I have just logged in to the account and the same issue still persists.

Kind regards. 

1 year 190 days ago
The issue you encountered has been fixed a few hours ago. Please check on your character.
1 year 191 days ago


- Account name: Paraxite

- Character name: Nurlge

Thank you!

1 year 193 days ago
What our devs need from you to check and fix the issue:

- Account name

- Character name

Please share these names with us and will handle the problem. Thanks!

1 year 203 days ago

I'm also in the same situation where Ragna Van Wynter has teh green exclamation mark that doesn't allow me access to the shop.  Every time I quit the game and restart, I can talk to her again but the campaign gets stuck there. 

I'm up to quest - The Martyr Chapter 4 - Get Uther's Rosette (Uthers Tomb)