Stuck on map Co-oP


Started an amber // gamma nebula y type iv. void crusade solo and completed the first mission with no issues.

Had a friend join the Co-oP and when we completed the mission the "quit" button teleported our characters out but the map remaind for some time without loading for both of us.

After a Ctrl-Alt-Del from me and an Alt-F4 from him we were able to restart the game and were prompted with the rejoin option, this also did not load and after a second forced exit from us selecting cancel this time we were able to join the game but the mission shows available but is unselectable.

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Stuck on map Co-oP
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144 days ago
We are investigating this right now, thanks for letting us know! 

Your character got borrowed and it seems we are lucky because we could reproduce an old bug with it!:D So, double-thanks!:)

147 days ago

The steam account is UlfenL and the character name is Acetic, linked Neocore account is this one.

Though I may have more information to assist, after the bug we decided to play normal tarot missions and my friend let me know he received a message at level 35 saying void missions were now available, when I started the mission I thought he already had unlocked them.

It would seem players can join Void missions if the party host is able to start them even if they do not meet the unlock requirements.

147 days ago
Could you please provide us both of your account and character names? We will check them both on our end. Thanks in advance!