STUCK in "Madness Incarnate"


I am playing the Imperium Edition of WH40KIM for PS4 (standard difficulty; as a heavy Crusader) for the first time. It’s been great fun… until I met Cais Thorn face to face: the man is a suicidal lunatic; keeping him alive during the 3rd wave is like trying to catch water in a sieve.  

Is it 40K lore that he’s one of those seniors who’s never able to get warm—and that’s why he stands idly while flame attacks evaporate his HP?

Seriously: are there any cheat codes for the PS4 version? I had hopes of earning trophies, but at this point, I’d just like to get to the bridge, unlock multiplayer, et cetera (and get what I paid $50+ for). 

There's no physical manual for me to refer to (though yes--I've seen the in-game help system). Any/all constructive insight(s) would be appreciated.  :(

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STUCK in "Madness Incarnate"
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Please disregard my post (and don't dumb down the difficulty): the problem was on MY end of the controller. ;)

I love my family dearly, but I waited until I had the place to myself, got the pets (temporarily) out of the way, studied, experimented... and then went for it. With the right gear and UI settings, it was surprisingly easy. 

Thanks again for the tips! 

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This is more information than I started out with. Thank you for the swift response!
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we will check on the mission whether in the same difficulty it is that much harder to complete and we may balance things out!
Some suggestions how to get past this mission:
On the mission briefing window you can choose between story and standard mode. Pick the story mode which makes the mission a little easier.
Press the button 'i' and on the Skill trees you have access to use your points to activate useful passive skills which are suitable for your fighting style as well as use your attribute points!
Check if you got any weapon during the previous missions and if its power rating is higher it will be of use to you.
In the mission its best to use the tarots which will be of great help to you defending against the waves.
Also accompany Caius Thorn while he charges ahead and you can eliminate most of the enemies around him!
Hope this will help you complete the mission!