Stuck in chapter 2 after using special intel


Hello, I'm playing on PS4, PSN account Vosenbergen, Character Vosenbergen and I am now stuck. Looking up the issue, it seems like a major flaw, but I got a special mission item as a reward, used it, saw it was too high level, and am now stuck in the Dagnor system completely unable to progress or return to the Aethon system.  Any help at all would be great.

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Stuck in chapter 2 after using special intel
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274 days ago
Thank you for your respond, I apologize I hadn't seen the stellar map had three scale so I have any bug ... 

Sorry and thank you for your quick reaction.
275 days ago
We will check and correct the issue shortly. Thanks for reporting it.
275 days ago

Hi, I have the same problem:

Account: Black_Grimaldus

Character: Boris

356 days ago
We are currently discussing the problem on our end. In case you get any similar reward please spare it until you do not unlock the whole subsector. Afterward it should be good!:)
357 days ago
It took two full PS4 reboots, but it seems to have righted itself.  Is this a known issue? Should I not be using these items at this point?
357 days ago

We just checked your progress but could not find any similar problem on your Crusader. Could you please re-check and confirm that you still cannot travel?