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I know I have mentioned this bug in the Inferno Announcements thread, but I guess it is better to rather just do it here instead.

I have experienced it too many times during the inferno Ssn, so it can´t just be ignored. Well, too many and too many, anyways...

Since the start of the Inferno Season, I have within the Data Hunt Missions experienced getting totally stuck, when I am holding F for downloading the Data needed. With totally stuck I mean that I can´t move to anywhere, I can not turn, I can not use any abilities, of any kind, no skills, not anything at all. The only thing I can actually do is to stay there and take the damage the mobs puts upon you and then you is out of the game. Ya, losing 1 chance, out, done and kaputos. And unless you are having more chances, well, you know.

This has actually happened me 3 times now. Well, I guess you could say 2 and a half. Because the 3rd time I first got stuck, but in some miracleous way I managed to get moving again and barely survived, and managed.

It could be, but I do not know, and I do not think, and it shoud not be the case of me being or have been accidentaly hitting some kind of other button at the same time or something, while holding in F.

But the thing is, that this has happened me 3 times already and we aren´t in full 2 weeks of Season yet.

Been doing many a Missions, but still been experiencing this 3 times already, is quite a lot. And no, I never ever experienced it earlier before Season of the Inferno was introduced. I play for the 1st time a Psyker as well. Could this be the reason? Well, I do not know.

Anyway, please, check up on this. Becaue this is one of those bugs that can and may become a gamebreaker.

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Stuck bug
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89 days ago
Yes, pls do that. Because when it happens, believe me, it is very frustrating.
90 days ago
Brother Kundari

Okay, so then I will borrow your Psyker. Maybe there is a connection there.

UPDATE: no luck so far. Tested on two separate missions, pressed both keys like crazy on all 6 attempts. I will give it another try and involve our tester colleagues.

As a sidenote we are planning to make a small re-design in this type of mission which will make the pressing of F unnecessary. 

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91 days ago
Ye, pretty much as I said. While holding F by a Station like those, and then when Mobs coming, while you still holding F, you also press down SHIFT to stand still so you can shoot. I using Psyker so I shooting with the Staff.

Then on quite a few occasions it can happen that everything locks up and you can do absolutely nothing. While I say that I also noticed that the station is sometimes even reading itself. The thing you are supposed to HOLD the F in for doing. So therefore locking in place.

You should try it out a few times and then suddenly my guess is that you will experience it. And then you will burst out: Oh my, hey, what just happened??, Hey, what the...

91 days ago
Brother Kundari
So you say when you press F and Shift at the same time basically everything locks up?

I'm just asking because I'm right in the middle of a Datahunt mission testing what you reported but no results just yet. I even changed the Shift key to control my first weapon skill but this did not help either. Anything else maybe which comes into your mind and can be helpful?

92 days ago
Ok, after many an hour of gameplay, I (think) can finally say what it is that may and is likely to make this happen.

When I am at these stations, holding F, as I´m supposed to do, then there are mobs coming (of course) at me with time. Now, if I now press down in both short times and longer times to steady my Character to shoot which is the SHIFT key, or you for some reason just happens to press the SHIFT key while at the same time still holding F key, it does happen that everything locks up and stays there. Which again makes it impossible for shorter or longer times to do anything else at all, which includes moving, shooting, using abilities, etc. Everything locks itself in place, so what you do with F key is locked, as in scanning the data.

Please now, reproduce it and test it out. Very annoying when it does happen.

192 days ago
This issue is still on our list, sadly until now we could not reproduce it nor other players reported the problem. We will try to find the bug.