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I know I have mentioned this bug in the Inferno Announcements thread, but I guess it is better to rather just do it here instead.

I have experienced it too many times during the inferno Ssn, so it can´t just be ignored. Well, too many and too many, anyways...

Since the start of the Inferno Season, I have within the Data Hunt Missions experienced getting totally stuck, when I am holding F for downloading the Data needed. With totally stuck I mean that I can´t move to anywhere, I can not turn, I can not use any abilities, of any kind, no skills, not anything at all. The only thing I can actually do is to stay there and take the damage the mobs puts upon you and then you is out of the game. Ya, losing 1 chance, out, done and kaputos. And unless you are having more chances, well, you know.

This has actually happened me 3 times now. Well, I guess you could say 2 and a half. Because the 3rd time I first got stuck, but in some miracleous way I managed to get moving again and barely survived, and managed.

It could be, but I do not know, and I do not think, and it shoud not be the case of me being or have been accidentaly hitting some kind of other button at the same time or something, while holding in F.

But the thing is, that this has happened me 3 times already and we aren´t in full 2 weeks of Season yet.

Been doing many a Missions, but still been experiencing this 3 times already, is quite a lot. And no, I never ever experienced it earlier before Season of the Inferno was introduced. I play for the 1st time a Psyker as well. Could this be the reason? Well, I do not know.

Anyway, please, check up on this. Becaue this is one of those bugs that can and may become a gamebreaker.

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Stuck bug
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80 days ago
This issue is still on our list, sadly until now we could not reproduce it nor other players reported the problem. We will try to find the bug.