Stuck at end of Ancient Inkgate quest


I posted this issue in the Steam support forum, but decided I would also cross-post it here.

I started up an old Windows 10 save of a multiplayer session from back in 2017, and it looks like we stopped just before entering the Inkgate in the Gallowsbog after killing the gate guards, but before actually entering the gate. Now, upon restarting the game in solo mode, I find that while the quest has checked off - Kill the Gatekeepers! , the bosses are still there guarding the Inkgate and I cannot interact with them in any way, nor can I enter the Inkgate.

Now, I did try the old fix of typing /FixQuest 12 into the console, but I get this message:

Could not fix problem 

Error, command execution failed.

Note also, that the quest message says: Enter any Inkgate to enter the mines - but none of the other Inkgates allow me to go to the mines, and the one behind the gatekeeper monsters is inactive.

Any help with this problem would be most appreciated, as I am basically trapped at this point in the game.

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Stuck at end of Ancient Inkgate quest
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