Struggling as melee compared to range


Hey, new to the game, played some 9 hours. Just wanted to provide some fresh feedback. 

Initially I wanted to play a melee character so I went with a crusader with a shield. Right from the start I was getting destroyed pretty easily in battles. Cool, thought I, the game is harder than your usual diablo-esque game. However then I played a ranged character and the game was so much easier. Without cover and being forced to be in melee where the enemy hits back just makes my melee character take so much more damage. I'm not sure how the skill Block is supposed to work on my shield but it appears to make no difference at all. I don't understand how I'm supposed to be able to survive all the damage as melee. Maybe it gets different at higher levels, but it's just no fun to try to get there as melee. Actually I switched to using ranged weapons on my lvl 12 melee-specialized character and the game was significantly reduced in difficulty.   

PS. The difficulty system is hard to understand in general, I'm lvl 12 (or whatever) and I am finding it quite hard even as ranged in a lvl 4 zone? 

PS. I wish you'd increase the speed with which health regenerates "out of combat", often I find myself just standing around waiting for it. 

PS. Actually the same thing goes for Focus. You should definitely get focus from killing enemies, not as a steady income. It is bad design if I can go afk for 3 minutes and come back to a significantly stronger player character.

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Struggling as melee compared to range
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6 years 344 days ago

Few things that might help

The level of the zone is nothing to do with the level of your character. It's a "power level" which is one of your many character stats. Essentially it's your gear level or tier. (top left of character sheet) if you are level 1 still, which most of us are. Then a level 4 planet is = to playing very very very hard mode :D

Assassin gets focus for killing, the crusader has a slow regen. Both of these can be increased via items etc so that you can spam more often :) health regen can be sped up by using cover too! Every little helps. I kind of agree that regen of focus is a little but unfair "in theory" compared with obtaining via kills... but if you have to go AFK for 3 minutes after every fight then be my guest, if you want a single mission to take 3 hours xD - don't think it's really going to break anything other than a players free time.

It's also just fact at the moment that melee is harder, requires more gear and you will take more damage. It's likely not something you are doing wrong although in a level 4 mission that would be a lot more difficult. It's something that might change over the next couple months but the major "balancing" hasn't been done to the game yet. 

6 years 342 days ago

No doubt Initially ranged is a lot easier than melee, my suggestion start crafting melee gear and when you get a good +hp on hit modifier things become a lot easier, also when starting out melee equip a void shield, each activation effectively gives you an extra 4000hp (as a shield) this effect stacks so using 3 gives you an extra 12000 before the enemies start on your health, finally use jump pack armor for the crusader, the stun effect upon landing gives valuable seconds, generally for melee crusader I run the 2h axe I have used the shields but just prefer the 2h melee weapons for crusader.

For Assassin again the +hp on hit modifiers are key to survival, I also run distortion armor on her to slow down anything threatening, aka hellbrutes or dreadies, death cult blades are great for mobs, but I prefer the arc blades against armored/shielded opponents.