This is basically a  question for the devs.  Are  we aloud to stream IE:  Steam or Nvidia shadowplay?   

Not wanting to break any rules  but i have friends that want to see what the game is like but aren't into the whole.  Buy before you see what you get.  Which i am  fine  with but they want to see what they are getting if they are to purchase.  Or  will there be a demo available at  release  that  will show the basic game at that time?

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7 years 60 days ago
Technically you are not prohibited from streaming the game - we would only like fans to wait a few more content patches before showing the game to a larger audience. We will stream it ourselves as well, pretty soon.
7 years 59 days ago

If you make sure you inform your audience (viewers) that the game is in early alpha, and that bugs/glitches are to be expected then you should be fine.

There are several people streaming the game from time to time, including Chapter Master Valrak and myself and even more of us are doing videos :) - But we all make sure people know that this is NOT a finished product.

7 years 58 days ago

What Game knight said +1 - i've had written and verbal permission in addition to it saying so on their FAQ. It's permitted as long as it's made known that its alpha footage. 

If you wanted to save yourself the trouble there is some fairly up to date footage about the game out there of which I think Game knight and myself are the most frequent. 

Best of luck mate, recruit more people to the cause!