Strange bug


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Strange bug
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5 years 331 days ago
i had this happen to me earlier as well
5 years 330 days ago
Can you write down, how could we reproduce this bug? 
5 years 328 days ago

It seemed to happen completely at random to me but always at the start of a mission. I haven't seen it since the 0.2.0 patch drop though. also when running co-op the model shadow didn't show up but a text string place holder did, and it was consistent in its appearance at every mission start. i never could get a screen shot of it because it didn't last long enough. hope this helps

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5 years 328 days ago

Had this happen once after selecting a mission from the star map, it occurred the first time I started a mission after the update dropped, but I haven't seen a repeat of it as yet though.

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