Story Consistency (Spoiler)


I chose to have Draken killed, next on the ship I get a video message congratulating me on my lenient evaluation, along with assurance that he will be reprimanded.

There were tensions in writing before, but this here is blatantly incorrect.

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Story Consistency (Spoiler)
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66 days ago
That's unexpected and good news. I won't forget about it. You managed to shape a fitting tone, and the two characters' excellent voice acting and chemistry carry the story through fairy tale and humor. I find it's by far your best work.
67 days ago

Thanks for the information!

Van Helsing III to PS4 platform is something we haven't forgotten so there is a chance it will be released in the future! Follow us on our official platforms to get the latest news! 

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69 days ago
PS4, man. 

If you'd rather skip this bug and instead release Van Helsing III for it, that'd be entirely fine with me.

69 days ago
Thanks for the report we will check on this issue! Would you please tell us on which platform are you playing?