Still XP Bug ???


in the last Hotfix Notes from Patch 0.7.2 was writen that "Fixed the Account XP bug (players received less XP than they should have)" but i played many games and at the Mission Selection was a XP reward from about 950 Xp but after the Mission i got only 172 Xp so i suppose there is still something wrong.

Anyone the same problem?

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Still XP Bug ???
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6 years 134 days ago
Did you kill all the enemies? I think it might be the total sum if you do everything :)
6 years 134 days ago
I still get only exactly one quarter of what the mission description promised (on a normal Star System Mission).

Even on missions where I did everything, including killing all enemies.

6 years 133 days ago
had this issue myself. 1000xp purge, showed 175 for mission objective. didn't show any other xp gain.