stasis casket empty


I logged in today and noticed that my stasis casket was empty. I tried logging out and back in, tried playing a mission, but it still remained empty. I tried putting a new item in the casket, and this item persisted after logging out and back in again. However, all the other items I had stored in there were still missing! I would greatly appreciate if there was any way to restore these missing items! (This is for my normal, non-seasonal characters.)

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stasis casket empty
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134 days ago

We are currently investigating the problem, this is currently the highest priority issue. Our team will do everything to restore all the lost items. Our apologize for the caused inconvenience.

We will spread the news once we fixed the issue and/or (at least) restored the items.

137 days ago
another note: account and character names are also Zeno Maximus (linked to this Neocore account)
137 days ago

note: the timing seems like this could have been related to the upgrade to patch v2.3.0c