Specific Bug With Weapon Switching


So I found a game breaker. When switching weapons in a mission with the Icona template there is a fault in the file:

Missing technique descriptor file!

I haven't tried multiple zones, but this is what keeps causing the freezing and crashing. I think it has something to do with how the weapon switching changes the character.

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Specific Bug With Weapon Switching
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6 years 38 days ago
Made a note to the coders about this.
6 years 38 days ago
I've experienced this on 3 or 4 different missions. 

Given that the error message seems to indicate a problem with a shader, and that it doesn't happen everytime we weapon swap, and that it happens with different weapons my theory is that it's related to swapping weapons while moving in a particular direction, or in particular lighting environments.
6 years 38 days ago
I can confirm this. Happening in my game as well. The weapon switching as well as the plasma.
6 years 38 days ago
 I have the same issues as these guys.
6 years 38 days ago
I got a problem with the switching of weapons too. After setting the movement controls to wasd i couldn't bind any other key to the switch weapon shortcut. Switching weapons is for me only possible by clicking the button in the HUD. The message box states "Switch weapon  W". It seems that might cause the problem for changing the keyset.
6 years 39 days ago
Additional note, the skin for the plasma cannon is not rendering. It's just a yellow base model.