so I had a brief go tonight and while I'm genuinely chuffed at the state of the game and how far its come 1 thing is annoying me.

Spawn killing.

By that I mean I've just dropped into the level an IMEDIATLEY wasted by 30-40 enemies at the start of the level with no way of defending myself or retreating to a momentary safe zone. 

I personally think this is a sack of s**t.

So I was wondering if there are any plans to improve this a make it a little more fair as being dropped into a site that has ZOUNDS of enemies is a pretty d***ish thing to do.

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6 years 114 days ago
I think so yes.
6 years 114 days ago
Was it a ice map? A map with mushrooms as cover? An Industrial map?

I bet it was a a mushroom map. Narrow passways, brownish dirt as ground, mushroomplantthingys as cover. But shoot where you encountered those.

6 years 114 days ago
Ok so what happened was that I started the mission and literally 15-20 meters away was 5 traitor guardsmen 2 Ogryns and 20-30 or so servitors (both melee and ranged) I died within 30 seconds of starting the game, I couldn't kite them anywhere as I was in spawn, there was no cover and no way to kite them anywhere.

I couldn't move from spawn, I couldn't go through them and move to a better position and I couldn't kill them fast enough as I was getting slapped around by the servitors and the guardsmen and getting b***h slapped by the Ogryns.

I cant remember the map name or location.

I'm pretty sure that it was an assassination map though.

My steam user name is shadylamp3.

6 years 115 days ago
Megapull said that this should not happen and that they want indepth info in this kind of matter. So acc name, what map type and more stuff. But I'm certain they will answer to that by themselfs. For anyone this happens to: If you know that you go down, don't kite back to the spawnpoint. If you spawn there and the enemys are all arround kill some and still kite away from the spawn point. It's a messy workarround but it works :).