Space marines are needed.


Let me preface this by saying I like the game. That being said many others would like this game if it had playable space marines but because it does not they will not play, EVER. I know the focus of the game is inquisitors but there is a reason space marines sell more than all other factions combined. Playable space marines as a unlockable feature could swell this games player base very very quickly. If not I hate to say it but this game will die, guaranteed. 

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Space marines are needed.
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6 years 61 days ago
A Squad of Cadian Veterans.

As what??? Pets? Uummmm, huhh?

6 years 61 days ago
Van Bolt Thrower

A squad of Cadian veterans as pets - nice idea

6 years 62 days ago
I don't think, that SM are good choice for playable characters. But idea of some companions is great. And, even, that would be good idea to give ability playing Space Marines in some missions, like that with Knight... 

That's not only because that game is about Inquisitors, but because Crusader is very close to Space Marines in aspects of gear and (probably) gameplay. 

6 years 62 days ago
Posted by Grighoul 6 years 62 days ago

>I mean an assassin is not an inquisitor, she is an assassin from the Officio Assassinorum in the name of the inquisition to hunt a target, bud not realy an inquisitor!

Please, learn the background and the univers before making such statements. The Assassin in Martyr is an Inquisitor, who reach that from being Death Cult assassin (not from Officio Assassinorum temples). 

aaaaaahh the broadside of the internet^^ no mercy^^

the komplett universe i dont learn before i say something ;-) thats to mutch time for me^^

but your right, i read that not and so is it harder to say the SM kan be an playable char. true

anyways i like the idea of companions. not all inquisitors works alone.

The Lord Inquisitor prologue

6 years 62 days ago
Van Bolt Thrower

>I mean an assassin is not an inquisitor, she is an assassin from the Officio Assassinorum in the name of the inquisition to hunt a target, bud not realy an inquisitor!

Please, learn the background and the univers before making such statements. The Assassin in Martyr is an Inquisitor, who reach that from being Death Cult assassin (not from Officio Assassinorum temples). 

6 years 63 days ago
Tau and Eldar as playable Inquisitors. Yes, I am seeing that option as a clearly possibility. That can totally happen to be included laters in this game.

6 years 63 days ago


at first: sorry for the bad English! i write so good i can my opinion to that. in English and german.

Its interesting question for playable space marines. In my opnion I think it works better for an option as a companion.. I read for a long time the “Eisenhorn” books, it’s a story about Gregor Eisenhorn, that is an inquisitor and he have mutch people in his stuff! From an imperial gueard to a sniper and mercenaris.

And I think that will work fine for inquisitor martyr.

Maybe the option in the campain or later in the events, that you become companions like an astartis or what ever. Bud special for the astartes I think its better that you have only the option for an grey knight or an astartes from the deathwatch that is part of the inquisition(!)

The inquisition is a complex organization and you have many options to say you have mutch different companions with different skills, that will be a part of your team in the game!

In van helsing you have lady catterina that works fine for me and in martyr maybe an option too. Bud I think its will be cooler that you have more different companions and not one that will specilies in many ways.

Maybe like that:

Grey Knight: an close combat tank

Astartes from deathwatch: ranged tank

Adeptus sororitas: healing companion

Tech priest: buffing

Imperial guard with HELL-gun: ranged combat

Bounty hunter: croudcontrol

Ect. Pp.

At last you have many options.

And maybe is the idea for a playabale grey knight or deatwing astartes not so far away. I mean an assassin is not an inquisitor, she is an assassin from the Officio Assassinorum in the name of the inquisition to hunt a target, bud not realy an inquisitor!

And the grey knights are part of the ordo maleus and the deathwatch part of the ordo xenos that will work in the name of the inquisition.

So und nun das ganze auf deutsch:^^

Also ich finde die idee als solche ganz interesant, wobei ich eher denke das ein astartes als begleiter prima funktionieren würde. Vor längeren habe ich die eisenhorn reihe gelesen die über den inquisitor gregor eisenhorn handelt. Und der hatte in seiner laubahn eine reihe an begleitern von imperialen soldaten, unberührbaren über scharfschützen bis hin zu söldnern und halunken.

Und ich dencke diese idee würde auch prima zu neocores spiel passen

Speziell für die astartes denke ich aber das es als companion besser wäre, den man im späteren verlauf in der kampangne oder bei den events bekommt. Dann aber auch nur als grey knight oder von der deatwatch die jeweils ein teil der inquisition sind(!)

Die inquisition ist eine komplexe organisation wo man viele möglichkeiten hatt zu sagen das jetzt ein bestimmter begleiter den spieler zugeteilt wird der wiederum verschiedenste fähigkeiten haben kann.

In van helklsing haben wir hierfür lady katterina, die prima funktioniert und rollen abdecken kann. Für martyr würde ich aber verschiedene arten von begleitern cooler finden anstelle eines der alles kann da das imperium so facetten reich ist.

Vielleicht sowas hier:

Grey knight: als nahkämpfer/tank

Space marine von der deathwatch: fernkampf stark gepannzert

Eine schwester fom sororitas: heilerin

Techpriester: zum buffen

Imperialer veteran mit der hochenergie laser kniffte: fernkampf

Kopfgeldjäger/söldner: CC fähigkeiten


Die möglichkeiten sind da sehr groß wie ich finde und habe damit die option auch im singel player meiner rolle gerecht zu werden.

Die idee des spielbaren SM könnte aber vielleicht au funktionieren, aber dann auch nur als grey knight oder deathwatch. Ich meine eine assassine ist auch keine inquisitorin. Sie ist eine assassine vom officio assassinorum die im AUFTRAG der inquisition unterwegs ist! Aber keine wirkliche inquisitorin!

Und die grey knights sind wiederum teil vom ordo maleus und die deathwatch wiederum teil des ordo xenos die im namen der inquisition agieren.

Und man könnte die vielleicht als spielbar machen.

6 years 64 days ago
I'd give you a thumbs up for the sarcasm alone, yet I feel that could be misunderstood by some ;-)
6 years 66 days ago
No, the game does not need Space Marines, Tau, Aeldari or other "cool" guys as playable characters. The game is called Inquisitor for a reason and it does not fit the lore or the story to play a Space Marine.

There are no Space Marine Inquisitors in the 40k Lore.

The only way they could make them playable, would be for some kind of special missions, like the ones, where you play an Imperial Knight. Maybe a part where Thorn tells his story and we actually play him for the duration of that mission, experiencing the events firsts hand.

6 years 67 days ago
There definitely needs to be playable Eldar, or this game will definitely die, guaranteed. Definitely.
6 years 67 days ago
This is a stupid idea and all you have to look to is Eternal Crusade. I logged in the other day after a few days break after I hit rank 4 and saw how much xp I needed for rank 5. A message popped up telling people to play other races than SM because EVERYONE and their mom and cow are playing SM.
6 years 74 days ago
Even if i dont totally agree with the death of the game without playable Astartes as the OP said, i do believe it should be implemented. The game in its current state is allready good, people will play it, however a much larger number of people would play it if you could play as a space marine. Ok i know the game says Inquisitor, and there are some other other games that allow you play other classes, however this is an action rpg immersed in such a big world that is wharhammer 40k that not having Space Marines armor will be weird (sort of think of it has playing dawn of war without Space Marines, just because everyone plays them lets not include them type of thing; would be pretty weird right? ). 

Now as you all said normally inquisitors dont use astartes power armor but we can have our own special crafter craft something special for us, meaning anything is possible. I for one would love to be able to walk around in terminator armor and 2 lightning claws teleporting to the middle of the mobs and spread death and destruction. 

Having that said i think it would be a missed opportunity to give a wider variety of players the feel they want in a W40k Action rpg (Unless another Arpg game comes out titled "Adeptus Astartes something something") then again would be a shame to have 2 separate games of the same type  in the same universe just with different units. So please, as part of a DLC or an expansion or something add it to the game. I actually payed the game thinking those things allready existed in it but that was my bad for not having enough information... Still like the game alot though. 
6 years 88 days ago
Sorry No i dont agree, Inquisitors work alone or with Retinues, so maybe add an unlockable retinue in the future yeh i can see that 

If you start adding Space Marines, where do you stop, Assassins, Witch Hunters, Grey Knights, Terminators.. the list is endless, stick with the Inquisition that's what the game is all about after all. 

6 years 89 days ago
I agree, even on table top i would play anything other than space marines just because everyone played them. I love that the game brings something else out besides space marines. Not everything about 40k is space marines and like IntX said there are so many games out there already where you can be space marines.
6 years 90 days ago
not everyone plays space marines. There are gobs of marine games out there and inquisitors are just as if not more so powerful in individual cases. 

I really dont want to see marines get slaughtered while my inquisitor face tanks a hellbrute

6 years 104 days ago
Think we have just what we need in this game to get a good release, and with some time I will bet we will see some very nice add-ons regarding Characters for this game. Like Grey Knight maybe, Witch Hunter etc, etc.
6 years 105 days ago
Thorne is running arround solo after all and noone cares... so what? Should he explode now instantly because he's alone? Space Marines are all about fulling the mission. If your troop carrier crashed on the ship and you were the only surviveing marine you stand there and wait for reinforcements that never come or will you do the darn job you are there for anyway?

There are possibilitys but Space Marines in any form (Pc or NPC) should not be in the game. It's okay to see the Imp Guard getting slaughtered... that's their job. But remember Thorn running into that enemy and got ripped appart while you facetank it and ask yourself what's happened to the Space Marines here and why they wear colored paper and are weak as fuck.

Implement Marines with the power gap between them and an ordinary Inquisitor will make the game goofy because every enemy should drop dead with one shot or swing and still the balancing would be pretty off lore wise but well it's an ARPG so why not make Inquisitors fight greater Deamons and stuff without breaking sweat.

Space Marines will look like jokes on two legs if they are implemented in any way. Look at the Chaos Wimp Marines. The least thing the game needs are Space Marines but all the goodies an inquisitor might want to have like daemonic or holy weapons and stuff like that.

6 years 105 days ago
I personally feel like adding space marines would ruin the concept of this game and it's better off without them as a playable option.  Here's why, an inquisitor running solo makes total sense, sure they usually have retinues, but I don't consider that a requirement...

It would be very unusual to have a space marine running around solo, they are made to be part of an entire army, intended to destroy all enemies of mankind with shere brute force.  This really doesn't fit into this game, and anyone who will ignore this game without a playable space marine is a heretic that should be cleansed! 

6 years 112 days ago
"This game will die, guaranteed."

No it won't. It's just fine as it is. Believe me, I've been playing Space Marines for 15+ years on the tabletop, my avatar is a Space Marine, and I'm perfectly fine with playing an Inquisitor in this. If anything, it's nice to have a chance to play as something OTHER than a Space Marine.

Although it does STILL feel like what Space Marines we see in this game are weaker than they should be, but that's another issue.

6 years 118 days ago
I understand your point, though this is a game specialized on inquisitors just like spacehulk on terminators and eternal on space marines. It's an amazing game with so much to offer and it's already at it's starting position. Who knows what the future and this epic team will bring us in the future.
6 years 118 days ago
That's exactly the problem and still we are a mere human with amybe some lesser augs who kills hundrets of enemys, chaos marines and all the other "Are you kidding me that's stupid!" enemys. I hope I will never see any space marine ingame and even Thorne is giving me the feeling that I want to throw up. It's so silly to see all those special enemys obliberated but maybe the "force" is strong in the calligari sector, who knows.
6 years 118 days ago
I actually don't want to see space marines to be playable in this game. From a lore aspect, space marines are super tools of death. One of them are supposed to be able to take on many, many enemies unless their opponent is a heavy duty enemy themselves. The type of enemies that are challenging (either singularly or in relatively low numbers) are meant to be really, really tough for non-space marines. I would boil it down to play balance and I don't think it would be easy to make a balanced gameplay (or enemies) that fit both space marines and inquisitors either in the same game (cooperative) or using the same mission templates. I think you would have to keep the character types separate and then use different mobs for each respective mission. The idea that 10 cultists being anything close to a threat to a space marine is ridiculous (in my opinion). 
6 years 121 days ago
The majority of people who actually play the game are pretty happy to have no Astartes in there. After I saw what a wimp Thorn is i hope there are no Astartes NPC's. Furthermore Thorne has a higher security level clearence (lol) then an so called inquisitor but runs into fights like a lemming. All types of Marines in Martyr, be it Empirial or Chaos are weak as hell and no threat to anyone. I will puke if I see Marines implemented so weak they don't help a bit.

I hoped for a playable Astartes Class but I'm kind of happy that there will be hopefully none.