Sound of war


basicly i like the overall sound of the game, the single effects sound good, soundtrack sounds good ,but there is a things that bothers me: where is the sound of war? if i run into i group of heretics or chaos scum i expect an explosion of sound: boltor fire, chain swords roar, grunts of any kind, screamed mean they DO make sounds but i feels very shallow to me. the same for the impact of my rounds, the bruning of my plasma: i can see it, but i think there sould be more acoustically feedback. 

I'm aware that the game is in an early stage of development and that changes for sound effects are maybe coming anyway, but i just wanted to share my opinion. 

and sorry for my bad english :( not my first language

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Sound of war
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6 years 353 days ago

Really good point and I think you have done a great job in describing what's currently missing from the games audio. Right now it's very hollow. No footsteps from massive hulking creatures, no passive noises to accompany the movement of enemies or even just their idle actions. 

Certainly something I hope that gets a lot of attention. +1 from me.
6 years 345 days ago

Personally my issue when trying out the game for the first time was that the gameplay was amazing yet the sounds for some of the weapons was repetitive especially on the chainsword.