Sorcerer Marines


I'm playing with a Crusader, and every Time i face a Sorcerer, i'm getting into trouble. I think, the Primus is to strong, and once he has his Clones active, i'm dead. Nearly every Time i can't kill the Sorcerer without dying, and every Time i'm running out of consumables. The Storms are to strong, the slow down Effect is to strong, the Damage is to high. Maybe it needs to get a little more balanced.

I tried Melee (different Weapons), i tried Ranged Attack (different Weapons), i attacked with 2 Sentys active, nothing makes it easier to get past of them. That's frustrating.

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Sorcerer Marines
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4 years 108 days ago
Those are tough, but its not that hard to beat them - I usually kite tham a bit further from their spawn point, they start to keep their distance from each other. Then going full melee on one of them, using inoculator and belt item to restore supression while doing that, after I kill him I kite again while hp and supr are restored to full, than going in again, kill one and kite again. I always use armor rockets for bosses, help to decrease initial helth by a lot.

Also have in mind, that weapons or armor skill dont have too much influence - proper build and perks does the trick. You can ask in steam forums for certain builds - some people are playing the game since alpha and dont mind to share their knowledge :)

4 years 108 days ago
They are what keeps me from running red :D.
4 years 108 days ago
    Just drag them back across the map and slowly work down their suppression / health. They do heal back quickly but either the health or at the least the suppression will eventually be whittled down and then its easy to take them down with dots / effects. Just be sure not to retread over areas since they like to lay down mines and whatnot.