Somethings about the cammera


It would be great if we could move the camera angle down just a bit, I feel we are missing some really nice art details that have been put in. Also being able to remap the camera button would be great. That is all, continue the purge. 

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Somethings about the cammera
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7 years 67 days ago


7 years 67 days ago

Agreed. It would also be nice if the camera floated and followed you to point in the up position. I find myself constantly rotating the camera so the enemies are in front of me.

7 years 66 days ago

Camera needs a complete rework. It would suffice if it was a purely melee slasher, but we have ranged weapons and most of time you can't see well even after rotating it to convenient angle. Just take a look at other games: draw and outline for every enemy that is obscured by terrain from player, but in LOS of character. Ignore walls and columns above certain level or too close to camera: why the heck my gun tries to shoot at the ceiling when I am in fact targeting that fellow in next room? Why most objects properly become transparent (although too late) when they obscure view, but some doors and elements won't no matter what?

7 years 57 days ago

Being able to re-bind the camera to Q and E (for me) would be wonderful.

The "ship" map is the one with the door ways that are obscured.  I think colored silhouettes would be good.  If it has a red dot on the mini map it should have a silhouette you can see through a wall? 

You might want to consider also that the intention of the map is to obscure a bit.  Image the Adrift Ship map with little lighting.  Just emergency lights and your torch/head lamp.  >8)  Oh, idea...(heads to suggestion forum)