Some Xbox 1 feedback (Inquisition)


So, here we are. I went to discord and put some feedback but I know that can get buried very quick so I figured I would put some of my feedback for the Xbox version of Inquisition.

First off the controls and the Auto locking: 

I can see that this attempt to make it streamlined for console, while valiant, did not translate super well particularly in the solar system menus but that is easy enough to tolerate, what really has been yanking my chain (And not in the fun way) is the auto locking of abilities. When I play Inquisition I feel as though i am playing a twin stick shooter on Xbox but it does not function that way at all. The fact that the game randomly locks every skill input onto a creature might seem like a blessing but I view it as a curse. In a game that already has a manual "lock on" feature (Which certainly still needs work because of this auto lock system) I do not see the need to have every input auto lock for me and at times it actually causes me to run into a group of enemies because the game, for whatever reason, decides it wants to use the skill on the enemy in the back of the pack so my character charges into a group of baddies to get within range to use the skill. This is slowly becoming more and more of an annoyance than a help so, if at all possible, the ability to toggle that auto lock feature and let me have the freedom to shoot skills and attacks in the direction I choose would be a great addition. This, honestly, is my biggest gripe with the game right now and even more so that we have a skill for combat assigned to the same button as the "interact" function and the game will prioritize opening a supply box instead of using the skill at an enemy which, again, causes him to run around like someone poured ice cubes in his knickers.

Load times:

Is it just me or do the load times seem fairly excessive on most if not all maps that I have played so far. I am sure as time goes on and we optimize a bit more we will be able to cut down those load times. 


Surprisingly not a lot of bugs so good job guys, haven't come across anything game breaking yet!

This was only gathered after a few hours of playtime so far, so if anyone else has some comments or feedback/suggestions you would like to add then please feel free and maybe we can give them some solid feedback to consider for future updates.

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Some Xbox 1 feedback (Inquisition)
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5 years 322 days ago
Game is running pretty well for me so far. I get some stuttering while transitioning on the galaxy map, especially on the warp-travel screen, also a little bit in-mission when the npc screen pops into the top right corner for some quest dialogue, but otherwise it's been smooth, and that is a relief. Keep up the good work.
5 years 322 days ago
I've been having constant server disconnects in the few hours I've been playing. what's really irritating is that the disconnect usually happens near the end of a mission so I lose all progress.
5 years 322 days ago

I just got an achievement “Mechasapient” with only 5 Techtree upgrades, pressing A on an already purchased upgrade counts towards the number for the achievement, without taking payment.
5 years 323 days ago

Thanks! We are aware of the autotarget issue and currently we are looking into options on tweaking it. Thanks for all the feedback - we will think of a solution.

5 years 323 days ago
Pretty much how I feel about the game too, that target lock needs addressing definitely. I also noticed on the fixed position weapons you move the reticle with RS and fire with A, so it's really awkward to target and fire at the same time.

I think the tutorial could be fleshed out a bit too, I still have no clue what a couple of the things on the hud mean

5 years 323 days ago
I have had a few instances of the entire console resting itself whilst playing inquisitor, which hasn’t happened whilst playing any of my other games.

Gets quite annoying,

5 years 324 days ago
The auto lock thing is indeed a pain, it's even worse when i'm trying to access a console and it will take me to destroy a targeted barrel across the room.
5 years 324 days ago

From graphical perspective - i saw flashing textures of rocks and ice chunks on frozen ocean landscape