some troubles and some suggestions

  • location on the map is not displayed correctly (when traveling near the wall on the map is displayed as if I was in the wall)
  • weapon disappears from the first set at the start of the mission, particularly when equipped Plasma Cannon(specially conducted several experiments)
  •  points into "character" tab - periodically resets
  • there is a way to collect back the turret?
  • What about external storage?
  • clients crashes when you try to start a new mission (in error map cfg)

ps: sorry for my bad english

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some troubles and some suggestions
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7 years 149 days ago
  • 1. Bug is known and on list for mapping it out.
  • 2. To fix this restart the game fully and it should appear back.  Bug is known.
  • 3. Also a known issue.
  • 4. No also being worked on.
  • 5. There is a storage in your command bridge although it does not work very well.
  • 6. Map errors should now be fixed.
7 years 148 days ago

now my inventory and equipment are empty + if equiped weapon is disappired character slips without animation steps + freezed on menu screen