Some thoughts / Analysis on Fate change (vid)


Obviously guys this is going to be a hot potato for a while. But i'd encourage you to read the sticky post alongside watching this video to really grasp whats happening - instead of jumping on board the tin foil hat train headed for destination panic.

Hope you enjoy the audio interpretation of the official post (alongside some casual white-knighting kappa?) Let's try and keep things civil! Everyone is entitled to like / dislike whatever they want to :D

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Some thoughts / Analysis on Fate change (vid)
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6 years 268 days ago
Posted by Irrelewahnt 6 years 268 days ago

Steamtards? Realy? Even negative feedback is important feedback and calling concerned people who are not that eloquent Steamtards is kind of a.... well.... not so nice thing to say.

I call it like I see it. Being "nice" is overrated. "Steamtards" are:

-People who give a negative review after 0.3hrs played.

-People who don't read the "Buyer Beware" on the store page and leave a negative review.

-People who review an Alpha Version as though it were a completed, full release.

-People who leave a negative review based on false rumors and baseless accusations

-People who leave negative reviews because of content not yet added but clearly stated in the roadmap.

There are others, but I'm sure you get the picture. "If the shoe fits....."

6 years 268 days ago

Steamtards? Realy? Even negative feedback is important feedback and calling concerned people who are not that eloquent Steamtards is kind of a.... well.... not so nice thing to say.

6 years 268 days ago

One of your best presentations Hydra. This is not Diablo...even some of the up voters on Steam don't get that. As you said, this is a very unique hybrid arpg, that has depth well beyond anything found in Diablo like games. Anyone looking for Diablo in 40K clothes need not apply here.

Steamtards will be Steamtards. They will grasp to anything in order to bring the game down. We have been here since the start many months ago. We know the good intentions & integrity of the Devs. All the newcomers since the Steam EA launch don't. I'm sure many, myself included, have been burned by other games(like EC). Moving forward, the Devs need to keep this in mind and take greater care, when they make their announcements.

6 years 269 days ago
Airsick Hydra

Yeah that's right but for me  questlines and everything you need to get from 1-xy is core gameplay. At the moment it looks like they want to do numbercrunching, taht is okay. But why do they crunch numbers in an enviroment that doesn't account all possibilitys that should be there at release?

If i take a look at the roadmap that says "Realease first quarter of 2018"  i ask myself if the time is enough to test the final game 3 months and fix everything that comes up especialy if we get all content in dezember. Maybe the first quarter of 2018 is jan-sep or is see problems coming at us.

A pessimist may think that all the testing for a fatepoint sweetspot is in vayne when quests hit the game. At the end this is all speculation but "no mans sky" sounded like a beautifull game as well....

6 years 269 days ago

Some good points, but I guess it's worth remembering we are testing a portion of the total content. It's kinda hard for them to add all 50 mission types etc and then realise they want to change a core game feature, or that a core game feature is borked. While it's frustrating, testing a limited sample of a total game does kinda make more sense for the development process. At least that's what I tell myself to get to sleep at night :D

6 years 269 days ago

I ask myself one realy big question. Why dont the implement the basics of the game like questing and stuff so players see how important fate realy is. At the moment fate is terrebly important because it's a fast way to level your toon and to get stuff. This could be totaly not the case if we had a quest system up and running or whatever they planned. Endgame? Huh no realy importent endgame? leveling is the importent thing in this game? That's a joke isn't it? The number of replayability of martyr is tied to the number of classes. Why should i even level something else if i only want to play a Crusader for example. This sounds a bit like "If you're 50 retire!".

I still hope they will manage to get things implemented and working, the faster the better, and make a fun and engaging game because i like the early stuff i saw but atm my high hopes are totaly gone.

Great work as usual @AIRSICK HYDRA‍ , nearly forgott to say thx ^^.

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