Some thoughts about incoming console release


First of all, its good that the full game finally arrived (at least on PC). But reading community forum the last few days... Its definitely not the worst launch of all times, but not a good one either. It looks like we have a full house in our hands - graphical artifacts, script and sound errors, framerate drops, coop lags, game breaking bugs and even inventory/storage wipes. Мeanwhile, no problems with lore, design and plot of campaign - thats really good. Obviously, i hope that Neocore would fix this mess in ps4/xb one versions of the game, but then i remember that their company is fairly small and its only 1 month left and they already have a catatonic PC version that also need to be fixed. So as always, Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.

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Some thoughts about incoming console release
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4 years 181 days ago
Everyone hopes neocore fix this mess no matter the platform you're on. The game is a bloody mess all over the place but decent after all if you are tilt proof. If the launch the console version in the same state I'll lol hard because I don't think it's enough time to fix everything till july.