Some Suggestions


Dont know if it fits the category I selected, but there was no category like "suggestions" ;D

Here are some suggestions of mine, think about it and decide if you ignore them or maybe work with them to make something good of them ;)

Weapon balance (dmg/usability) should have a rework before launch. Shotgun is very powerfull against 99% of the enemys. Especially in melee range they deal way more damage than any other weapon (hello? melee weapons? :D).

Armored enemys and the weapondamage: 

Damage of bolter and autogun against dreadnought: ok, logically they dont deal this much damage, but bolter should be a little bit higher than autogun.

Damage of flamer: also ok and logical. At least there is a human being inside a dreadnought to become a bbq.

Plasmagun ok, maybe a bit higher, at least plasma doesnt care a lot about keramit :D

Plasmacannon, well in my opinion way too weak. I am not sure but I think most plasma guns deal more damage than their greater brother, the cannon. And like the name already sais, it should be a cannon. Maybe slower shots, but with a splash damage and bit higher damage than the normal gun and more damage against armored enemys.

Meltaguns: Well, at the moment they are not even near to lore friendly (except single target xD). Meltaguns are dealing just a little bit more damage than plasma guns. But lorefriendly they should be guns developed against tanks. So they need a huge push, at least against armored enemys like dreadnought. Maybe to nerf them against other enemys there could be a huge overheating (at least they use temperatures far away from anything else) so they can only be used in short bursts, what would them make quite crappy against normal enemys who appear in groups.

And one last thing for today: Inferno Pistols and Melter Pistols are the same ;) (Thought I have seen "Meltapistol" at Vendor today, but maybe I am remembering wrong, already late).

So maybe my thoughts might be helpful, I would be happy to hear what you think about it :)



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Some Suggestions
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7 years 150 days ago
No, not this much. Last time I played melee was about week ago.
7 years 150 days ago
No problem, thats what I wanted you to askt at steam yesterday but you went offline so I just did it as I thought ;)
7 years 151 days ago
Thanks for the write-up, I have added this to our feedback section.
7 years 151 days ago
Have you tried a power mace/axe/sword against a dread as well as a thunderhammer?   Much fun :D