Some suggestions


Some suggestions that I believe would be improvements:

- Add a comparison between an item and the currently equiped. Useful in the inventory but really needed at the vendor.

- Improve navigation between skill trees. Navigating using arrows is not effective. Replacing it with tabs, or even a drop down menu, would allow a faster navigation and give us to see easily the other possibilities.

- One touch (shift) is used to force the use of a skill while standing and for taking cover. We all have various habits from all the game we played, so it would be great to be able to map this to up to two keys (keeping the possibility to use one key for both actions).

- Give the possibility through an option to make taking cover toggleable instead of only having to maintain the key pressed.

- The character is really slow (too slow?) and we even find ourselves totally unable to move. I'm not sure what provoking this: ennemies blocking the pass, suppression mecanism (I don't understand it and there isn't much info in the game, so I may be missing something), other? There should be a mecanism to give us the tools to resist a complete immobilisation to compensate with the slowness of the character. Maybe a kind of resistance?

- Make the grenades (and maybe the medpacks also) infinite, with a simple cooldown instead of having to find supplies in a map and sometime having to go back (slowing even more the pace of the game) to get them. We already have infinite ammo, turrets, etc.

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Some suggestions
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7 years 105 days ago
Thanks for the feedback. The things that you mentioned about the cover system were already mentioned by others. I think that there will be changes about it in the future.