Some questions from a new player


Hello all, just a few quick questions from a new player. 

1. Crafting. Is there a good guide or tutorial out there about how crafting works?  The in game info is pretty bad. I was looking at the tech tree and seeing all this stuff about production queues and stuff but none of it is explained. I crafted one piece of gear but it was done instantly, so I have no idea what the purpose of a production queue is. There's lots of other things about crafting that I'm unsure of as well 

2. Digital Weapons. I have one of these on my Crusader and it says it does "60 damage". My question is, 60 damage to what? All of my attacks? It's not clear at all 

3. Suppression damage. What is the formula for how much suppression damage is dealt per attack? I'm just trying to figure out exactly how it works 

Thanks for any answers! 

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Some questions from a new player
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3 years 107 days ago
2. First off, ignore those that don't even read your question. ;)

Digital Weapons trinket has "damage" on it like everything that you can put in that slot, iirc that damage is applied to everything just as the damage on your weapons is, so this one is something you should keep updated as you progress,
but you are for the sake of damage not limited to digital weapons, just try everything and see what you like best.

3 years 108 days ago
2. Digital weapons raises your critical chance by 30%

3. Noone knows the formula there are many specific questions that can't be answered right now, maybe in the future we might have official answers. Currently just play the game and enjoy it.
Welcome to our family brother

3 years 109 days ago

Digital wep, boosts your crits, as far as I know, not sure about question 3, but for crafting this might help.

This might help.

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