some information lacking in-game


I'm really enjoying the game, but there are few explanations seemingly missing from the menus (playing on Xbox).

  • How to unlock the central skill in a skill tree? Do I need to unlock all other skills? Or just complete one chain? Do I need to spend a lot of points to find out?? I still need an answer to this one btw, so if anyone knows...
  • I have an innoculator component which boosts all 'salves', I'm assuming the red components are salves, but I cannot find any confirmation of this. Am I missing something?
  • When VanWynter sells blueprints, do we really need to spend 5k to find out whether or not we can use it? There's an empty space right there under the item name, 'Crusader only' or 'Psyker only' would fit in there like a glove.
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some information lacking in-game
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1 year 188 days ago

•To unlock the central skill of a skill tree, you need to unlock the skill next to it. So basically, you need to complete all chain (sometimes you don’t need to unlock all the chain, there are some special skills with a specific name)

•Salves is heal. « Inoculators contain 1-4 components that can have different effects on your character. You can regain Health and Suppression resistance point or gain a variety of temporary bonuses, such as a damage or speed boost. » 

More informations here:

•Prints are link to your account, so if you buy one, all your character could have access to. There aren’t a lot of equipement a class can’t use, and you will see that with the Tech-priest. But for sure, it will be nice to know, by reading informations on prints, if you can use it with your character. But it’s interesting to buy all prints, whatever your character is (for a new one or for an other low lvl inquisitor)

1 year 188 days ago
i also have no clue what a salve is