Some feelings and questions towards Season 4 rewards and items


We're excited to see a brand new season coming out so soon. The idea of doing heavy carnage and summoning strong foe seems to be fun :)

Still,  I have some doubts regarding the rewards for this season, please correct me if I'm mistaken:


1. Personally, I think the Empyrean Key doesn't work so well.

They offer the player one more Void Chest. 

But, as we know, there are only 3 item Chests (Morality, Archaeo, Ancient) that truly worth pursuing. 

I would say many players won't be impressed if that key could only offer some shards/tarots/crafting materials/blue prints. 

It would be more attractive if this key could offer us a special ITEM chest. Because lv 100 items with 1+5 enchants (1+3 enchants for construct modules) are all that players care about.

2. Some seasonal items are far away from strong. Especially the sniper rifle :(

Sight of the Empyrean

Sniper Rifle

  • Gain +25% Damage and 5% Critical Hit Chance while there are no enemies within 10m of your character

The enchant gains poor damage bonus at resticted situation. Very few people, if any, would want this. 

In fact, the whole sniper mechanism is too weak at -99% levels:

 In current version, weapons with fast, persistant area attack are always stronger, because they could apply vulnerability/debuff in an efficient way, and can easily control large crowds of enemies. Fast hitting weapons are also good at recovering HP through the "gain HP for each hit /crit hit" enchant.

But for sniper rifle, the idea behind it is  "strong", single target shots at very slow firing rate. At +18 levels,  the "strong" sniper shot damage only scratches the enemy, and slow shooting rates mean it is almost impossibe to stack vulneralbility on the enemy, so it fails.

(One may argues that, by making DoTs infectious with Psalm codes, sniper can do damage to crowds of enemies. But this still seems not work in -99% levels.  And I suspect area attack weapons still could do better under this strategy )

There're other weapons faces similar problem, like plasma cannons/guns/pistols,multi melta, melta guns,inferno pistols. These weapons are sleeping in the armory and not properly used. 

Is there any way to grant these slow-hitting, single target weapons some unique advantage? 

I believe by carefully balancing the weapons and making more weapons playable at end-game difficulty  (-99% damage output), will not only greatly add the fun for players, but also extend game life in an economical way. So, please, give these weapons (and the Sister weapons under developing) some more serious attention :)

3. Long-gone are the stash pages and character slot rewards !

Characters are steadily increasing with season. And with the sister coming, the slots are becoming even more crowded.

I believe it is fair to ask for an increase in character slots, maybe at season 5.

And again, I want to say I would happily pay for a DLC that grants me new character slots and stash pages :) 

4.  And it's been a while since last companion/helms are released:

Why stop? Companions are better than seasonal trophy, because they follow me arround, not hidden at some trophy desk.

Helms and masks are more welcome for similar reason.

There're some companion creatures that are no longer available to new gamers, why not make them as part of seasonal reward, as long as it doesn't break possible promises before? Many people would want them. Doesn't even need to create new ones, just make old ones temporarily available :)

5.  One more specific question for S4 relic enchants:

These 2 relic enchants appear on items dropped during S4:

  • 10-15% chance to cast a Warp Nova when struck (relic armor)
  • 100% Critical Hit chance for 2-4 seconds after triggering an Empyrean Echo spell (any relic item)

Is the Warp Nova here counted as "Empyrean Echo spell"?

I have this question, because if this Warp Nova is not counted, there seems to be no way to make use the second item after season 4, which would be a pity. 

Thanks for reading my lengthy complaints :)

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Some feelings and questions towards Season 4 rewards and items
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2 years 193 days ago
This extra Empyrean Key. Open one additional Chest.

After playing through a couple Void Crusades, and had the opportunities to actually open an extra Chest at times...... What an extremely dull and extremely boring affair of opening a Chest.

Why not just make a fancy-looking Chest instead, and when you do have the opportunity to open one, you will for certain have the chance of opportunity to get some truly nice Gear delivered that is not just something you simply get easily.

In fact this Empyrean Chest could be one of the most wonderful chances for Neocore to truly sparkle with something truly special things to both have and come regarding Items & Gear..

But no, instead they chose to just come up with an extra key for really nothing special. This Empyrean Key doesn´t really grant me the satusfaction of YAAYYY, I got a Key!! Yeehaw. Awesome.

Instead of Yayy feeling, I get the - Oh, ok. An extra Key. Sigghh, Oh well, let´s just open one and be done with it.

Nope. Not a fun feeling of having some extra Key to use. Just boring.

But still I choose to keep up the positive side overall, since in order to have and to make some truly great Seasons, ones must also sustain the boring ones.

2 years 202 days ago
One of the solutions would be to simply unlock the seasonal mechanics and drops account-wide once we complete all the challenges with a seasonal character. There's no reason to have 3 crusaders, 2 assassins, 4 psykers and 5 TAs other than to keep playing for seasonal drops and to have fun with the seasonal mechanics. People are generally reluctant to delete a max level and geared character.

With the current approach we end up with entire stables of seasonal characters, most of them with mediocre and / or very specialised seasonal gear. The seasonal restriction should really only be in place as long as the 'competitive' part of the season is still active. Once a player makes it to the seasonal hall of heroes (i.e. all challenges are done), the seasonal mechanics and drops should unlock for the entire account. It will allow us to enjoy the season on our 'main' characters and continue to develop them, as opposed to creating and investing into new seasonal characters because that's the only way to experience the seasonal mechanics.

This would be especially helpful for the TAs and their tech fragment farm. I have completed all the seasonal challenges, but if I want to keep farming the fragments for my TA, I want to do it with my main TA - otherwise the fragments are wasted. And with the current design, I can't enjoy the seasonal mechanics this way, because... reasons.

2 years 224 days ago
Brother Kundari

Well brother,  let me share my story:

I joined this game at Dec. 2019. And before the first season begins, I already have 3 crusaders because at that time I was so into this game that I want to have several unique characters focused on different builds (for example, Melee character, Puritan character focused on flamer and heat damage, Radic character focused on grav gun and ranged physical damage, etc.).

In Season 1, I played another crusader and a techpriest. It was until that time did I begin to realize the character slots would never be enough if I keep playing in this way, so I slowed down and tried to play only one new character for each season.

In Season 2, I played an assasin.

In Season 3, a techpriest was created.

And in Season 4, I'm now playing as psyker.

So 8 characters until now. But I also have 3 more "stash" characters to store all the gears I got. Though it's said that there are 12 character slots, it seems that no more character could be created now, possibly because I have another character in the graveyard (but she cannot be respawned anyway)

I do acknowlege that the tendency for being a hoarder caused me much problem. But I  also know there are many people who are even more into this game than me, so I believe there is always a need for new slots :)

Thus said, I actually bought another Prophecy DLC recently . With this , I have 12 (or 11) more stash characters (all techpriests of couse), and can release the 3 stash characters in my main account if needed. I could also delete some old characters at new season, but this would be huge pain and would always be a last option for me LOL.

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2 years 224 days ago
More Character Slots? Really?

I nvr thought there wsa the need of that actually. I always felt like it was enough. But probably because I never has/have/had the problem of creating a new Sasonal Character, when the time arrives for making one.

Was and is not the Max Character slot these days 12? Is really some people having way more then this then.

Nvr had the trouble of making new Characters, but perhaps it is because I tend to delete some Characters at times as well, I guess.

2 years 226 days ago

Good to know. Really looking forward to the Sororitas :)

2 years 226 days ago
That's exciting to hear !  Thank you all for the continued effort in making this game better :)
2 years 226 days ago
Point 4: no more companions planned right now. Beside the Seasonal stuff our full attention is on the Sororitas right now. That will be our next big shot in 2022. That said, after the DLC gets released the support will still not cease so maybe then..
2 years 226 days ago

Regarding Point 1 - Yeah, it is a nice idea, unfortunately we were a bit restricted by time, so some more elaborate mechanics that we originally drafted up had to go :(

Point 2 - Say no more, look forward to next week's update :)

Point 3 - Plus stash pages are either introduced to encourage players to enroll in something, or were an one-time thing. I'm not saying we won't bring this back, but we definitely won't do it continously. More character slots though, if the playerbase needs it, should not be a problem IIRC.

Point 5 - I'll check and make sure it counts.

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