Some Feedback on 0.2.0


EDIT (9:th of april)  using the Arrow-keys

Feedback on 0.2.0

Thought I would give some feedback. This feedback will cover my overall "feeling" of the game and not specific bugs. But first, here are my specs:

CPU:   Intel i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz

RAM:  16 GB DDR3

GPU:   NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080

OS:      Microsoft Windows 10 Home x64

(The OS and the game run from SSD drives)

Combat and Pace

I must say at first I thought the speed and pace was horrendus but I still kept playing (Its a WH40K! ^) and the more I played, the better it felt and now I think the pace of the game is very, very fun. With pace I don't just mean how fast the mobs (or the char) are moving its also how fast they turn, how fast they melee annd how fast the bullets "fly". The pace makes it more tactical becuase you have time to go to cover etc. 

I realized that it had everything to do with my expectations and not about the game itself. I have played D1, D2, D3, Grim Dawn, PoE and in those game the pace of the game is very fast.  The game "stands out" and I hope you don't increase the pace. Sure some movement + items is okej, especially if you like meele like I do but don't overdo it. Don't change it. Please.

The combat however feels very repetitive. You have your different mobs standing in a few combos of groups. Please don't do this. I understand that I as a player need a "break" between combat but now it feels llike the old school MMO:s (and not in a good way) where you go from group to group. That makes the feeling less immersive and more like "that was one group, now I go to the next corner of the room and kill the other". Mix the mobs  (with different skills and what they will do. "Run and get more help?", "Go to cover" "charge", "the mobs shoots the big as barrel with explosives beside me", etc, etc... If you mix it up more then I need to take a more careful tactical approach. Sure it doesnt have to be like this all the time. Sometimes you wanna feel like a "hero" and kill stuff fast. But its the mix of these different combat scenarios that will make it more fun and less repetitive. You shouldnn't know what is coming ^^


It feels like something is missing from the overall graphic and TBH I don't really know how to explain it except that the graphics (especially on the char) looks "grainy". Its like some of the very smal details on the char makes it worse. Like the details on the shoulderpads..


The animations for some of the  stuff looks like place holders (or at least I hope so!). For example when you use the jetpack on one of the armours. It looks  beyond bad....

One more thing is that the animations doesn't have the proper "flow" to them. Its like you have taken a puppet and shoot one frame and then moved the puppet and shoot another frame. This is very apparent when you kill mobs. Its like some frames are "misssing" from there death- animations. The same with the "blood- spallter" it feels like they are also missing some "frames". Please step up with the animations. ^^

Using the Arrow-keys for UP, Down and Strafe

When you are using the arrow keys to move around then you have an advantage that you can "circel- strafe" the mobs but its irritating that when you are behind them they "snap" in forward position against you again. Please change so they move like they should. Some might be slower at turning and some faster and thats okej. But not "snaping, like auto- aiming". If you do this right then its also a thing you can do tactical. You can "zig- zag" forward and not just run in a straight line..


Almost the same as the combat speed and pace. At first I thought "why the **** do I need to wait 10 min for a shitty green" but the more I play the more sense it makes. Its in line with the overall pace of the game. Please keep this.

Mission exp

This I like very much.. Because it "forces" people to do all the missions and not just make a "farming" rout on the maps. Sure, this is very common in lets say D3 but the immersive feeling goes out the window so please keep this.


I really like this also. I hate when the interace has a bunch of "clutter". But I would like you to move the "healthbar" to the middle or at least as an option to move it. If you are in a tight spot and bullets are flying at you (and I have a big as monitor) it can be a difference between life and death to look at the left side to see how much health you have left  ^^


I do really, really like  where the game is going. I only see huge potential so please don't f*** it up!! Please take the time to do everything right instead of rushing the game out.

Thats all I can think of right now but I guess I will write some more later. I haven't played the game for so long but I will ^^

Anyway, keep up the good work all you devs!



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Some Feedback on 0.2.0
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7 years 97 days ago

Great post, brother!

I think most of the skills animations (from most of the weapons) look bad and the transitions between them looks clunky, and very ,very, very slow, especially on the melee department, where fluidity is a must. I kind of get it the need of a slower pace to get all tactical, but I would prefer to get tactical with fluidity and at a normal or faster speed, cause even the melee chaos marines roll like: "Here comes the pain train!" and a year later he arrives, bringing nothing but shame and heresy, I would not mind if they speed up only the enemies, cause It would make kind of sense to me, since even with all that training and tech into your body: eye implant, cyber dong, cyber ass etc, you are just an human, they could boost the shit out of chaos (speed, number of mobs, chaos 'blessings", enemy weapon variations) and  just increase the damage and variations of our weapons, boost their effects, just don't go full flashy moba (aka backflipping terminator), for example, I enjoy the plasma effect, the only problem that I have with it is its speed, cause even the plasma pistols don't scream: "For the emperorrrrrrr!", the only weapons right now, that screams very low: "For the emperarrarararra!!", as hard as it is to believe, the DW Laspistols (for me, of course ;D), that shoot quickly enough, have a nice cooldown and are more fluid in trasition between animations than most of the guns, this game truly have the looks (hope it gets even better tho), but, in my opinion, it needs to speed up and be more powerful, cause that's what 40k is about, if that Thunder Hammer don't go: "Smash!" "Booommmmm" "Fuck you, heretic!" than it's not 40k.

-It would be nice to increase the range of the weapons too;

-Weapons need to sound meatier and louder;

-The crusader footsteps and heretic mobs need to sound louder too;

-The movement and animations need lots of work to add more fluidity, especially to the trasitions between weapon skills;

-The inquisitor weapons need a damage boost;

-Increase the number of the mobs ;

-The jump pack could have a smaller cooldown, so we can go full tactical or full assault (but that is just asking too much hehe);

-Needs more blessings from the machine spirits and from the emperor;

7 years 102 days ago

I agree on absolutely everything, especially on the pace!

Swinweflue, after crafting over 50 (no joke) Signums I know exactly what you mean but if you are after a real good one certain item type you should try the Uther´s tarot mission which makes sense to me.

7 years 103 days ago

I agree with everything but the crafting. Try and craft a good Signum and you will get old doing it.

7 years 103 days ago

Nice to hear that  @airsickhydra! ^^

But its not just the 1080 res that has this problem. It is also a problem with 2560*1440 res that I am using. But if they know its an issu they will fix it. I just hope its sooner then later ^^

7 years 103 days ago

You will be glad to hear "a lot" of your feedback is already on the way as improvements as many of us share similar views. The next milestone in particular you should see some major map / enemy / ai improvements alongside all the juicy features.

Nice to see i'm not the only one who thinks the pace takes a while to get used to, but is actually absolutely fine.

Re crafting in particular, because recipes level with a character you can't have instant crafting without breaking the leveling experience. Would just be a case of hitting power level 3 and instantly creating full green gear etc. There has to be some limiting factor :)

Re the grainy appearance apparently its an issue with 1080 screen at the moment, supposedly 4k looks amazing.

Keep up the great work :) sure the devs will like the format, very clear.

7 years 103 days ago

keep in mind we are only seeing about 2 to 5% of the game currently.  We  deffintly will get lighting an other things   like camere  angles  are  confirmed.

Also i see you mentioned all the diablo games.  If you stop  to think the game as a technical shooter it  seams allot more in place.  You never use cover in diablo not sure if there even is any and that game just about mass carnage not really a W40k  thing unless your adding Tyranid swarms.