Some advice needed


I have 4 challenges left----

1.Kill 200 enemies within 60 seconds, at least on your level.

2.Kill 200 enemies within 120 seconds, at least 4 levels higher.

3.Complete 2 Purge missions in a row within 30 minutes, at least 4 levels higher.

4.Complete 2 missions in a row without using Belt or Armour skills, at least 4 levels higher.

Number 3 and 4 sound easy enough, but my question is how do you do number 1 and 2.What map should I use, what weapons? Right now I use a chain sword/shield and 2 bolt pistols on a level 90 crusader. I'm thinking a grenade launcher or a heavy flamer.

Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Some advice needed
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268 days ago
Well I got the two purge in 30 minutes using a combo of the ebony void crusade and the ordo mission, thank you for that.

At same time completed the two missions without using belt or armor skills.

Last one to do is 200 enemies in 120 seconds at least 4 levels higher, however I am out of Ivory crusade tokens at the moment where I completed the 200 in 60 seconds, so will save up and try that map again. Any advice on which other maps to use, what combo of weapons and skills, I am a level 93 crusader using frag grenades, missiles barrage, chainsaw and shield, and a heavy bolter. Almost all of my skills revolve around staying alive, using grenades and missiles barrage to clear out small enemies, chainsaw and shield to take on easy armored targets(60% chance to change into armor breaking attack skill) and the heavy bolter as a last resort when I can not jump into a large group of enemies such as doing level 7 plus missions, slowly pick them off using either the fleshbane attack or the armor breaking attack(left and right mouse respectively)

Thank you for all the help so far

268 days ago
Will try the Ordo guys didn't even consider that as an option.

200 kills in 60 seconds was a lot of work dragging the whole map around and then mass aoe's everything

269 days ago

200 Enemies within 60 secs. Not easy. Pure luck I guess?!

Not sure if I even have done it.

The Purge within 30mts though, is relatively easy enough if you seriously go in for it. Go to the Ordos guys and check out some of those Purge Misions they are having. They do sometimes have some Purge Missions that are 4-5 lvls higher. Just make sure you are doing it correct, since they do only have 3 Missions available per week you can sign up for.

270 days ago
I've never done the kill 200 enemies challenge and I've tried a lot.I have done the purge 4 level higher challenge was not easy but I eventually did it.I honestly don't even bother with the challenges anymore.
270 days ago
Finally got one of the 200's done not sure how I'm going to do the one with 4 levels or higher though
270 days ago
Starting to think the kill 200's don't work. I dragged a whole map(tried with different maps as well) multiple times and killed them all with missile barrage and still can't get it done, tried missile barrage till focus ran out, then frag grenade till I ran out of supply and back to missile barrage with a fast recharge rate of focus, dragged four groups of horde enemies plus all that was in the pathing to them, cleared the map in a few barrages and nothing.

Be nice if a MOD or someone of the likes would confirm it's working as intended.

270 days ago
just re-roll some crazy 1-2  there almost impossible .

other some bad guys that when u kill them they make more guys, be only way

270 days ago
No Advice at all?