So, what class?


Well the topic says it all really! I'm curious of what Class people are playing?

Myself it's Crusader

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So, what class?
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5 years 99 days ago
I have alt-itis, hence my character slots are full (we need moar character slots!!!) and trying them all.

so far my main is assassin. I've always loved the dash around fast hit type classes, and assassin with a power sword does that very well.

Second up for general interest would probably be Psyker, but haven't played them much. They could easily compete with Assassin once I get him going tho, so far a fun class. but melee has always been my go-to.

5 years 99 days ago
Psyker is the next evolution of humanity. Playing anything else is like driving around in last years model. :)
5 years 99 days ago
Yeah, Overlord and actually SWTOR playing as a Sith are my two favorite "Being the bad guy"-games, with Overlord being on 1 of course.
5 years 99 days ago
Homer Morisson
I know what you mean, my all-time favorite bad guy game is still Overlord
5 years 99 days ago
Since I'm always the chaotic evil warlock by default in any RPG, the best translation for the (A)RPG that is Martyr obviously was the Psyker -- although I am missing some of those insanely awesome (chaos) skills that Jonah in DoWII:CR had to offer... that Vortex was awesome, and not even chaos yet, or the Chains... that'd be sweet!

But yeah, I'm pining in general for an option to go dark, go full Chaos Sorcerer... hardly any game has proper singleplayer content for the bad guys. =(

5 years 99 days ago
Trying all classes at the moment to get a better understanding in PvP were that's an area that need's consideration. Main is a crusader melee.