What the heck is up with the topic/description spelling itself backwards?

Anyways, game has hard coded resolutions. Please do not do that. 2560x1440 is as high as mine lists and I need 4k.

I have not been able to find any config files to edit to get 4k working.

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1 year 226 days ago
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7 years 68 days ago
Change to windowed (borderless) and restart the game. Afterwards I could select 4k res.

The backward spelling is a great feature :D

7 years 68 days ago

I find the backward spelling hillarious xD Like some brute orkish language ;)

7 years 68 days ago
Cant even edit.

Upon restarting the game, 4k is indeed selectable so that is great. Game must of needed to create the configs first.