Sniper Shot - Toxin rifle


Just noticed ingame that even after regenerating mobs are hit with the cellrot ability, they still regenerate their health despite the Temporary Cellrot mechanic saying that the target cannot heal for 20 seconds. I'm not sure if healing is a different mechanic to regeneration or something, but this seems like a bug to me as the mobs do infact heal/regenerate life even after being hit with this skill. 

This may also apply to other weapons that have similar abilities which prevent healing, I haven't had a chance to test other weapons with Temporary Cellrot yet :)

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Sniper Shot - Toxin rifle
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7 years 29 days ago
Airsick Hydra

Well, I noticed that it's actually possible for mobs to resist this, just like they can resist stun/slow etc. I'm 90% sure they weren't resisting at the times I've noticed the HP regen to continue though, but that might've been the case.

7 years 29 days ago

can confirm i've also noticed this on occasion.