Sniper Shot interactions


Hello, i have a few questions regarding snipershot.

This skill includes a minigame featuring a circle which is divided into quadrants. Each quadrant represents a different bodypart (head, arm and leg). The cursor rotates around the circle while the damage multiplier stacks up over time. The player has to wait long enough for the damage multiplier to reach the planned magnitude and then release the button while the cursor is on the body part he wants to attack (the body part also influences the damage but thats not important for the problems i have with this skill).

Some enemys interact differently with the sniper skill. For a few off them only the top quadrant will feature a hitzone (head) while the others are empty. The cursor still rotates over all quadrants and the damage multiplier stacks up as usual. Stopping the cursor on an empty quadrant seems to still cause a headshot. Is this interaction intended? Personally i dont understand why you would want to exclude the other hit zones (if i remember correctly, most of the enemys with this case of the minigame are humonoids). If it is intentional, then a head symbol on every quadrant would be less confusing for me.

A different case are certain typs of automatic turrets(flamer and rocket?) where the left quadrant is empty while the other feature the three different hit zones. The cursor still rotates but skips the empty quadrant. Are these bugged or is this strange interaction intended? 

Then there are the most annoying enemies there you skip the minnigame entirely and just do an uncharged shot (some tanks, MG-turret, nugle-hives). This is confusing because you can snipe the other turrets (albeit with the strange three quarter circle) and the other heavily armoured vehicles in the game. Is it intended that there are some seemingly random enemy types that cant be sniped? The security doors of the gas trp cant be sniped at all - not even with the quickshot version which skips the minigame and the damage multiplier.

My last problem with the skill occurs then tapping the button for a quick shot. Here it can happen from time to time that the shot will be fired into a random direction leaving the barrel of the gun in an odd angle and missing the target by miles in the process. Is that intended or a bug? Either way it is frustrating.



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Sniper Shot interactions
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2 years 311 days ago
I know how you feel, i play a sniper build too and it's frustrating when you "quick scope" enemies and your character shoots backwards like he's aiming to pidgeons. A good chunk of perks don't work too, like "Fast aim" from the aimed shots tree.

Now' i'm very close to get the "Neuro stimulation" talent from the single dps tree, and i HOPE that this game won't disappoint me again with another completely broken/useless perk.

2 years 314 days ago
I get what you're saying here, I too have a sniper build. I don't mind the small automated machines because they can at least have shot to be charged. While the tanks I have a hard time with because like you said, They simply fire off an aimed shot for the least amount of damage. I understand though that I can probably use a heat rifle and some heat talent/perks to do more damage to machines. Also, That aimed shot that fires in the wrong direction, I get that too. For instance when I'm using Rapid Elimination Protocol, I have to be sure that I'm targeting the right guy by letting the wheel pop up for a second as confirmation.