Skulls hunt


Please help or advise how to activate it. )) The game was propose to me create new account and new character maybe its a reason of  issue but stiil i need help with that.

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Skulls hunt
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4 years 182 days ago
I thought the same, and I ended the event with 288... until I found the storage locker on the left side of the command bridge. You utilize it to set special items and emotes for your character, assuming you haven't seen/checked it yet. If you have, then keep trying to contact support, I'm sure they'll remedy the situation.
4 years 182 days ago
Thing is i was have 53 skull on the 4th. But i still didnt have a mask.
4 years 184 days ago
Skulls hunt ended 4th june /5th june when we went Live V1.0 Sorry