Skip tutorial? Well, you just opened a new feature of the game: grind fest for points!


Lets talk Morality!

I'm a beginner at this game and I only realistically only played 2 characters. First was a "trial" character for me where i saw the basic mechanics and how things work in the game.

My second one was a semi-thought-through build that I enjoy a lot at the moment...BUT the morality problem came to kick me in the rear.

On my second character, when I first generated it, it gave me the option to SKIP the tutorial. I completed all the campaign after that point. And what would you know? Skipping the tutorial means you lose around 50 morality points. If it was explained to me at the creation screen that this would be the case I wouldn't have done it. (And for anyone wondering, no, I didn't pick a wrong morality choice: all my picks were Puritan and I still only got 275/300 at the end of the campaign).

I keep asking myself why would such a big drawback be implemented in the game? If a tutorial for tech-adept (yes, yes, I know it has a different starting campaign but my argument still stands) is so important and so crucial in getting 300 morality why does the game even give you the ability to skip that part of the game?

I asked around and searched reddit for answers. All the answers were: "go do random priority missions and maybe get 15 points totally random if you are lucky". I mean, this is like starting a job, signing the contract and then, 10 days later, you get tasked to go through ten million files just to find a typo somewhere on a page. Seem like I, a new player, am punished for something that shouldn't even be available.

I also read that the Holy relics that are open through 300 points in the morality bar aren't that game breaking or anything like that OR are super hand to find with the exact combo of stats that would be beneficial for one's build. I understand this. But still, I see this as a complete and utter oversight from the developers.

Moreover, some of the comments I got when I asked about a solution was: "just start over". Is this a real and honest way of "solving" a problem that shouldn't even be in the game? 

I honestly think that this should be known by more people. The few posts that discuss this (reddit or other forums) is low and most of the times the replies there end once someone tells the only solution: random priority missions farming for 2-3 months to get the points you need or start over with fresh character.

This is messed up. But this might be only my problem and how I see things.

Have a wonderful day and thank you for reading my post.

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I gotta add that the current Morality system concept is somewhat outdated now. There are a few limitations (one of which highlighted by you) which can really trouble the players, especially if the story is completed in a party.

We know this and the problem is on our backlog list. There are other things which we see to be more crucial to either change, improve or fix from a gameplay perspective than the Morality system but it was not forgotten, just simply put aside.

We keep updating the game with new content and changes so eventually we will arrive to a point where we can deal with it.

Honestly, I forgot that there is a Morality decision in the tutorial section (I didn't play that part ever since we introduced the skip option) but I will look into the matter now. This is a clear drawback, I acknowledge that.

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Hi friend ! I guess you have missed one further morality choice.

I happened to have done a little research on this morality choice matter.

TA should have exact 300 points even if they skipped tutorial.

The missing 25 points might get lost at the first mission of "Tide of Blood".

In that mission, you heard a navigator house is attacked and you found Word Bearers ransacking the place.

After finishing the first enemy champion, you could turn left and found some coward waiting your judgement. But, they are not on the path to the next mission target so they could be missed.

But indeed, skipping turorial is specifically disadvantageous for TA players.

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Random priority assignments is the solo way to do it. If you can coordinate with someone, def easiest on PC since more people. If anyone still has missions left to do and they're going same morality path as you, you can play campaign with them and get those last points you need when they make the Puritan choice. But if you play campaign with someone who is Radical, expect your morality points to decrease when they make a Radical morality choice.