Skill Customization for Weapons


One of the things that has frequently bothered me about some of the weapons in this game is that they will have a kit mostly comprising fun to use skills, but then one skill will feel out of place or clunky. For example, with the flame thrower, 100 times out of 100 I would rather have a skill that allows me to move forward while channeling rather than backward. Moving backward and firing is a niche skill that is only useful in a small number of situations (most enemies stay in one place or even move away from you,) yet so many weapons have this ability. The option to switch out certain skills for others, ESPECIALLY when one handing weapons (where you only ever get the first two skills) would dramatically improve potential for player creativity and improve player satisfaction with how their character is controlled. Down the line you could even have weapons with access to unique abilities, training for new abilities, data caches with new abilities as loot.

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Skill Customization for Weapons
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6 years 3 days ago
There was lot of talking about this already. I'm pretty sure we wont see any realy new things sadly. Look at all the weapons with the assault tag. I wish they are all advance and fire skills untill you are in the assault range that net extra dmg. Different Ammo for weapons that use ammo. There are so much possibilitys but all of them would be a hell to balance or to implement. I have "high" hopes for the crafting part that is not implemented so far to see the possible changes there but we'll see about that.
6 years 3 days ago
I have no idea how one would balance this but, don't care. The idea sounds really good and sounds really fun to play with. The Emperor smile up you brother.


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