Sisters of battle


Hi, if the topic was touched, please excuse me, I am new to the game and I was looking through the forum and couldn't find anything. I am one of the recent founders of the game and I was wondering, as I am both xeno-scum collector of Eldars, I do also collect sisters of battle and was wondering.. Will we have female option for the crusader that would resemble more Sisters of Battle, or would we in future get DLC that would add completely new class which would be Adepta Sororitas? 

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Sisters of battle
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6 years 284 days ago

Bumping this thread because I would love to see Sisters of Battle represented, they fit really well with the setting of the game. With the Inquisitors being able to wield power armor, it should be fine to introduce another power armor wearing class that hates the mutant and the heretic. They are really awesome and severely underrepresented in 40k games. Please make this a thing. 

6 years 360 days ago

Devs do have different ideas for character customization and at some point back then it was said that we may see both genders for all classes. A sister of battle would be the logical "rebrand".

Ultimatly it boils down to how much they can make of their character customization to work or if they have to spend that time somewhere else.