Singleshot Cooldown Lasgun


Hey Guys, 

I made a Crit build with Singleshot, Heatweapon. 

Now i hope u guys could test my build, because im pretty sure i dont get the shots per seconds i should... 

I skilled for cooldowns aswell! Relevant skills are... 


Paroxysm, retargeting Protocols, 

well the whole tree actually but these are most important


whole Tree


the upper line with Crit chance and Overheat, plus some dmg on the left to the middle one


i skilled on the bottom right to up to Cerebral Feedback. 


Singleshot Cd 30%

NOW, with all that plus ca. 30% cd on the Lasgun for singleshot AND Tactician, i get down to 0.23 shots per second. But in reality the Movement tree skills which give me Cds aswell(which i could be wrong that they. Do apply to singleshot) are not working. However, if they are not used on singleshot but on other skills with longer Cds, and they work on them, i still have the above written Skills plus Tactician. So i get down to 4shots per second regardless of Retargeting Protocol skill 30% cd. However i never ever had 4shots per second. I tried ot out on bigger Targets and watched closely after killing some Trashmob. This should get my Singleshot to nearly 6shots per second! When Parocysm triggers! 

PLEASE have a look. Lasgun has insta hits due to no travel time of Laserprojectile  so the shots per second should be of no problem regardless of Range, unlike for Plasma Gun. 


please reconsider Projectile speed. Its freakin slow. I know its hard hitting, but compared to Melta which does the same or better dmg its too slow. At least on Plasma Rifle it would be neat to have better speed! 

Thnx again and sry for my bad English.. 

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Singleshot Cooldown Lasgun
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231 days ago
Thnx a lot for the reply
235 days ago

All of the cool down reduction skills in the movement skill tree only apply to skill with longer than 1 second cool down.  Paroxysm on the Single DPS tree stated to apply only if the skill have more than 1 second cool down remaining.  Lasgun "single shot" skill by default has a 0.6 second cool down.  That's why the cool down skills in the movement skill tree doesn't apply to single shot, neither does Paroxysm and Cerebral Feedback.  These requirements are actually stated at the skill descriptions.

-30% from Tactician, -30% from weapon,  ... added to be -60% CD, so I calculated 0.24sec cool down (slightly higher than your 0.23 seconds per shot may be because your weapon CDR is slightly higher than 30%) so that seems about right.