Simultaneous CTD for al players on coop. Vivisector related?


I was playing with 2 friends on coop spamming and exploding vivisectors when we all got the same error

"Fatal error at .... Gamelogic\helpers\Dmanageer.cpp(157); Not enough free ID! UserID: 6"

Some people on intertet suggest its related to the amount of vivisectors (tech-adept pets) created and destroyed during the mission.

Any ideas?

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Simultaneous CTD for al players on coop. Vivisector related?
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15 days ago

Got the same problem this evening with a friend, on coop (intel), with the same error "Fatal Error: Not enough free ID! UserID:5"

I was using the exploding vivisector build, crashed for me once then for both of us in another try.

It was fine all the other game we did before that.

2 reports were sent, I enabled the verbose logging to get further information if the problem occurs again.


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33 days ago

There was such an issue in the past which we fixed but apparently it is still causing crashes.
The problem relates to the number of exploding Vivisectors. If there were too much exploding within a short period of time the game could crash. We will check if this is the same problem or something similar.