Sicarian Shards - tier V - can't enter inventory from certain "new" sources


Hey there,

Today I have been playing a seasonal Character, Assasin, lvl range 30-40, skipped campaign, radical morality (if this matters). I have observed that I can't seem to obtain Sicarian shards at the maximum level, from at least three sources. 1: I got one in an end-mission reward, but it wasn't to be found in the inventory. 2: upon shifting a piece of gear I removed the old shard from a socket from the tech priest, but then again I couldn't find it in the inventory. 3 I combined a series of Sicarian shards to eventually reach top lvl, but didn't receive the top lvl shard - although all the other shards were granted as per expected. 

There doesn't seem to be a problem when I move the Sicarian V shard from storage to inventory, which i did after all the above, so i guess it isn't a problem of getting it into the inventory as such. 

After the above I tried creating a Cognis shard - tier V - which works fine, so the problem seems limited to the Sicarians, top lvl. 

Unknown: I don't know if this affects picking up shards from drops. 

Primarilly interested in having the bug addressed, but if you would be so kind as to restore or gift me my 3 confirmed lost shards I would be much grateful ^^

Thanks for an awesome play experience.

Kind Regards.

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12 days ago

I sent you a bunch of Sicarian V and Binharics. You can retrieve them from the in-game mail feature.

Unfortunately, I could not reproduce the bug at all. I tried it on 2 separate days, with 3 different characters. Tried to craft them, remove them from sockets, adding them, removing them very fast so they MIGHT disappear and so... Nothing so far. Did you experience the bug lately?

22 days ago

Update: There have been periods where the possibility of obtaining new Sicarian 5 - Shards as well as Binharic Psalms, but then the problem returns. It is such a periodic returning problem - specifically with regards these two items. It is becoming very frustrating as they are key items for late game play for me.

I have lost track of how many items I have lost as I keep trying to see if the issue have been fixed, and then discover that the periodic glitch have returned again. But I guess it is in the realm of 7-10 Shards and about the same number for Psalms.

Please look into this.

24 days ago

Update: Now the same seems to happen with certain psalms (Binharic and Uncreator) - However as these are used to upgrade other it allows some nuanced observations. I can create uncreator psalms and although they don't appear in the inventory they still seem to exist as they count towards the number needed to make Binharic psalms.

In this state the game becomes anoying to play, as it limits the capacity for progression.

25 days ago

Minor update: Just received another Sicarian V from an escalation stash III (morality), which again wasn't rewarded, though other shards was rewarded just fine. Just another source from where the problem can be observed.

Bringing the total of "lost" (or technically: lost and "rewarded, but not delivered") shards up to 4.