Show the last Enemys


Hey Guys,

Today, i had a really big map. And i sadly forget one Enemy somewhere in the floors. Its not cool to run all the floors down and dont find the last one. 

It would bei nice, if u can show the last three or five Enemys on the globel map, to find them easier ;)

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Show the last Enemys
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6 years 5 days ago
Could  show  sparks like they do  for assassinate targets if they are off screen.  

Never had this problem either just make sure you walk all corners of a big room before you move on .  Sometimes they hide in corners an don't come out when all the others do.

6 years 5 days ago
I have never had an issue with finding the "last enemy". Strange.
6 years 5 days ago

Thank you for your feedback! This feature is already added to our todo list.

6 years 6 days ago
Oh yes! I had the same problem. Would be much appreciated!